Monday, 2 January 2012

Driptweet || 2012

As promised, this is the second part of my New Year blogs - what I want to achieve in the upcoming year. This is the year I turn seventeen, and the year I start applying to university (if I decide that's the route I want to take). Those are two major steps in my life, and there are so many things I want to do, some of them trivial, some of them more significant. I'm just excited to get started.

I'll start with the little things.

Remember that book I bought a few weeks back, 1001 Movies You Must See Before You Die? Well, I want to make a little more headway crossing titles off that list. I think pushing my thirty six up to fifty is a reasonable goal. I might even be able to push it up to sixty, but we'll see how it goes.

I also want to participate in the books challenge. I'm a really slow reader with a lot of homework, so I'm not going for fifty, but twenty five should be enough. The past few years have been a little lax for me in terms of reading, to the point where I'm barely reading a book a month, and I miss it like hell. I'm determined to put some time aside (even if it's just in bed at night or in the bath!) to get through the books on my shelf I haven't read yet. So, I want to read twenty five books this year.

Also along the media line is TV. I seem to able to watch hours of television without really seeing any good quality shows, or getting into anything new, so I want to start watching five new television shows this year. Buffy is top of my list, but Supernatural, Firefly, and Merlin have also been recommended to me. I don't know what will fill the last spot - I'm leaning towards something more girly, like Pretty Little Liars - but we'll see what happens. I don't necessarily want to finish all of them, but if I can get a few series into each, that'd be great.

Another thing I want to do is keep writing - it's my one true passion, and what I want to end up doing, so if I can write a little of something every day that'd be great. I have a little journal that I could write in if I feel so inclined, and I have this beautiful blog, and I want to continue working on my NaNoWriMo novel. I might even carry on bashing out a few short stories. My Less Than Three submission is really fun to work on, and if it isn't picked up by Hayley and Kristina I might send it to other places or publish it somewhere. I don't know. I just want to be persistent with my writing and get better. Maybe I should add some kind of publishing to this list, or writing competitions? I don't know. I just want to accomplish something in terms of writing this year.

Music is another thing I want to progress in this year, because it's another thing I'm so passionate about but rarely do anything with. I play the piano and I sing, and I can work my way around a guitar, too, but I really need to get better if I want to be able to say I really play it. So that's my next goal. I also own a ukulele, so maybe learning to play a couple of songs on that would be good? I don't know. Just some sort of musical progress would be great for 2012.

On top of that, I've always been a keen baker, and I'd love to do more along those lines. Whenever I do put time aside make something, the only people who really feel the benefit are me and my brother (occasionally my Mum), so maybe taking things into school or even just baking things for birthdays would be nice. I've just ordered a new cookbook, so maybe I'll start working my way through that.

Lastly in terms of hobbies, graphic designing. This is something I've been into for so long but I'm not in the habit of regularly pursuing, so I want to start posting more graphics to my Tumblr. On the rare occasion I do so I get a decent response, and I want to start having a queue ready to post throughout 2012. Eventually I'll get something of a backlog (fingers crossed) so that'll get easier with time, but for now, I want to get a big haul of some decent graphics.

OK. The last two points are a fair bit heavier, but they're still things I'm reasonably serious about and want to accomplish. The first is a friendship thing. For the first eleven years of my life I attended a primary school with only eighty five pupils, very few of whom I got on well with and none of whom I considered a friend. The last five years I've gained a few friends but I'm still reasonably antisocial, and I want to change this. I'd love to make some nerdy, wonderful new friends for life who I can make treasured memories with.

Lastly, I really want to see my grades go up a bit in 2012, because whilst I've been doing reasonably well, I know I'm capable of more. I love my classes, and whilst there is the occasional dragging lesson, I am passionate about the subjects, but I'm still letting other things get in my way. Ideally, I want two As and a B at the end of college, so my studies really need to be higher on my list of my priorities.

And I think that's it! Again, if I've missed anything out, I'll stick it in somewhere. Here's to a good 2012!

Driptweet || 2011

It's almost three in the morning, but I've decided that I'm going to at least begin a blog post giving reasons why my 2011 was a good year. I'll probably do a matching wishes/goals for 2012 post later.

My first reason is largely school based. This was the year I finished high school and started college. I passed all my GCSEs, and whilst I could have done so much better with a little effort, I think I exceeded my expectations. As for college, I'm really enjoying it, and as the universities I have my eye on are looking for As and Bs, I really want to knuckle down and get through my A Levels as best I can. I'm such a lazy sod sometimes, so I really want to kick that habit and get what I know I'm capable of.

Admittedly, I had a somewhat rocky start to my term at college - I dropped Psychology after a few weeks, because I really despised it - but now that I'm only doing what I love, I couldn't be happier.

Along a vaguely academic line, NaNoWriMo. It was my second time participating, and my first ever win, and I'm so happy I finally broke through the 50,000 barrier. It was such an achievement, particularly for a wannabe writer like myself - I mean, my first completed novel? That's exciting for me. I also really want to redraft it, get something presentable out of it. I've got so many ideas and ways to develop it, but for now, I'm so happy I've at least got something to my name.

The events I attended this year were also amazing. I went to my first nerdy gathering, a Sopio Tournament in Manchester, in September, and met so many cool people. I met Alex Day, and his cousin, Danny, and sort-of befriended Lindsay and Kim from the Sarcaschicks. We haven't kept in touch, but I spent an extended period of time with them and we got on well. I actually didn't realise who they were until I got home and googled them... Still, I remain a firm fan!

I saw The Saturdays live twice, and whilst their latest album wasn't really my cup of tea, the girls mean a lot to me because I was there right from the beginning. It was through their forum I made my first ever online friends, and through them I discovered just how cool and social the internet could be. I owe them a lot and will continue to buy their albums and attend their gigs, even if I prefer their older stuff.

I saw a few cool comedians - Milton Jones, Kai Humphries, Daniel Sloss, Joe Lycett, and Jack Whitehall. All of them were exceptionally funny, and I'm slowly turning myself into a real comedy nerd.

I saw Avenue Q in May, which was one of the most funny and entertaining nights of my life. The singers are exceptional, the puppetry is amazing, and the humour is... well. It's right up my street. I'd been obsessed with it for a long time before I saw it on the stage, and it just exceeded all my expectations and blew me away.

I also saw my school's production of We Will Rock You, and for the first time, wasn't on stage with them myself. I was still involved - I recorded the backing vocals along with some of the other singers in the school - but I was really glad to be able to sit and watch for myself how all the hard work paid off. It was brilliant, and the two main cast members (Ben and Laurie) are seriously going places.

I saw the Glee Cast live on stage in Manchester, including Darren Criss, one of my heroes. He's an exceptional performer, as are the rest of the cast, and the production just was fantastic. I went with one of my best friends and it was truly brilliant. The show is so fun and energetic, and whilst my obsession with the show has ebbed away a little the past few months, I still think it's fantastic and would love to go again.

Lastly, the Doctor Who Experience. Oh my gosh. I went down to stay in London with my best friend Laura's family (her grandparents live a train ride away from the city centre), and it was just amazing. Matt Smith is a perfect human being and I adore the man. And my TARDIS mug. Oh, my beautiful TARDIS mug! How did I live without it?!

So, yeah, my 2011 was pretty great. If I forgot to include something I'll add another paragraph, but Happy New Year to you all. Let's hope it's even better than the last!